Automatic HDPE film rewinding machine

Automatic HDPE film rewinding machine ideally for rewinding of HDPE film into small roll as per user' requirement.

This model is redesigned for automatic loading paper,automatic start rewinding,automatic stop when length setting arrives,automatic unloading the finished roll,and automatic change to the next new paper core.

All the process step controlled by PLC unit with LCD screen monitoring,it is simple for operation,high speed.

Less labor efforts involved in the production,more of production rate can fulfill by this advanced model.


Material:HDPE film

Master roll max width:600mm

Master roll ID:3''

Master roll OD:600mm

Finished roll width:max 600mm

Finished roll ID:25/30/35/38mm

Finished roll OD:300mm

Line speed:1550rpm/min

Total power:4kw



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